With decades of experience in multiple sectors, Infocore is well-known for its powerful audience-first data & marketing solutions. They source audiences from over 100 countries with more than 64 billion records that power multi-channel B2B and Consumer marketing campaigns for every industry.

The Infocore team hired TCB for a light brand identity refresh, a full website revamp, and a monthly digital campaign that includes social media, email creative, and a custom landing page.

When TCB jumped in, the Infocore logo was in the process of a revamp from the internal design team. While they ironed out the visual direction we began our QA of the existing marketing, branding, and brand profiles. As a part of our onboarding process, we fully assess your brand experience and determine how & where we need to curate, consolidate, and elevate.

This resulted in minor design decisions that helped bring a fresh modern feel to Infocore's visual identity!

The all new Infocore.com officially launched on August 15th! Our team fully redesigned this website to elevate the brand experience and showcase their services in a more interactive and modern way.

The TCB team helps companies communicate effectively with their customers. We offer digital experience campaigns that include the creative assets you need, at the frequency you need, based on the unique marketing goals of your business.

We design a variety of social media banners, email creative, and custom landing pages for Infocore's monthly digital campaigns.

The TCB team is always creating! There is more to come.

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