Our client, 5stone Construction, offers comprehensive home remodeling, design, and repair services to residents of St. Louis, Missouri. Their mission is to build relationships of trust through a commitment to their clients, their crew, and their craft. The 5stone team cares a lot about the value they bring to the table, so they focus a lot of their marketing efforts on informative content for homeowners.

TCB is happy to work so closely with such a talented team at 5stone! One of the unique aspects of our partnership is the level of creative freedom. They share with us the goals they have each month, and we go to work coming up with ways to cut through mainstream marketing and help 5stone differentiate themselves from competitors in the construction & remodeling industry.

How you present your brand says a lot about the confidence you have in your services. 5stone Construction enlisted our help in creating a Capabilities Deck as a way to properly introduce themselves when meeting with new clients.

What's a Capabilities Deck?

The focus for 5stone social content is simple: to provide helpful information to homeowners. We’ve designed creative that communicates many important messages including safe DIY maintenance tips, popular design selections, best-selling home fixtures, and a behind-the-scenes look into many of 5stone’s client projects.

The TCB team is always creating! There is more to come.

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